How to make a customer complaint?

You are not satisfied with the product you bought? There is some essential information missing or item is defected? 

You can easily make a complaint by contacting customer service using the instructions in this article. 


Before making a complaint

  • You need to make a complaint immediately and no later than seven (7) days after you've received the item
  • Complaint must be done by buyer her-/himself. So, contact us with your -username 

Filling the form of reclamation 

You easily get the form of reclamation from customer service, Please include the issued auction number already in the first message.

Fill the form so carefully as possible. 

Tell us what happened and/or what is wrong with the item. Also, you can mention how the matter should be resolved. So we get the necessary information and try to find the best possible solution.  

For the time being, it is not possible directly attach documents, images or video to the form. Please send those us immediately after sending the complaint.

  • Collect related documents, e.g. pictures of defect and send them attached on e-mail to customer service. Remember to write the auction number (!) to the message.

Process of complaint

After filling and sending out complaint, we kindly ask you to remain patient. 

Our claims team will keep you informed during the progress of the claim.

The processing of complaints varies, but we normally reply to your complaint by email within 4-7 business days. Complaints are processed only on weekdays.

Complaints are handled in writing (by e-mail) and we unfortunately cannot comment on complaints over the phone in customer service.  

If you would like to provide more information regarding your complaint or ask about it, please reply to the original e-mail (message chain). It is the fastest and most efficient way. 

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