How to sell as an Individual Seller?

In this article we will help if the user wants to sell items in as a consumer, i.e. he doesn't have company of his own. Below you can find information how and what kind of items it is possible to sell as an Individual Seller through Kuluttajahuutokaupat


Summary of practice 

  • As an Individual seller you make Sale assignment to Oy, meaning that you give your property us to sell. We publish the auction for you and find possible buyers. When buyer is found, buys the item from you and sells it further to closing customer/buyer. 
  • You are responsible of correct and comprehensive information of item
  • When item is paid, you make a change of ownership to (Traficom, Change of vehicle ownership)
  • You hand over the item to the buyer on our behalf
  • pays the purchase (after reducing the auction fee) to you after confirming the handover of the object

Criteria for item

As an individual seller you can sell your own vehicle. The vehicle need to be registered in Finland and you have to be the sole owner of the vehicle in Traficom. The object is

  • a normal passenger car or van 
  • truck 
  • motorcycle 
  • moped or moped car 
  • snowmobile or quad bike 
  • trailer 

The sale of other vehicles, such as mobile homes/camper or animal transport trailer is not currently possible.

If you have other goods (movables) that you would like to sell, you can also give assignment to our business sellers. Find (from our site) and contact the company you want, ask if they are interested in accepting your assignment and make an agreement with them on the matter.

Making sales assignment

  • You can leave a sales assignment to us and read more about Individual seller auctions and pricing.
  • Create customer account to if you don't already have one
  • Make sure that you are the sole owner of the vehicle
  • Leave the assignment
  • The auction text and information must be in Finnish
  • Check that the vehicle is not for sale elsewhere while auction is running
  • There have to be at least 10 pictures of the item, and those need to be taken by you (not screenshots for example)
  • After making the assignment, you commit to the auction. So the vehicle cannot be sold in the middle of the auction elsewhere
  • Customer service of Kuluttajahuutokaupat checks your announcement and get back to you as soon as possible (within a few business days). They let you know when the auction is ready to be published.

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