How to get ownership of the vehicle that I have won in the auction?

You have won the auction, congratulations!

You've won a vehicle auction and wondering what happens next. This article explains step by step how to pay, pick up and get vehicle ownership change done. 

Please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to and pay for the vehicle normally according to the payment instructions.
  2. After you have paid for the vehicle, you can fill in the information of the person or company in whose name you want the change of vehicle ownership to be made. If you don't fill in the information needed for registration immediately after payment, you can enter it later when logged in. You can see the vehicles waiting for registration information immediately on your own home page.
  3. When the vehicle is paid and you've received confirmation from that the payment has arrived, you can pick up the vehicle at the time agreed with the seller, even if the ownership has not yet been transferred to your name in Traficom. You will receive the contact information upon receipt of payment. Always arrange pickup in advance.
  4. Please make sure before leaving the pick-up place that the vehicle is comissioning. You may check if the vehicle is comissioning or decomissioning on Traficom webpage or by calling their customer service.
  5. When the seller has transferred the ownership of the vehicle to us ( Oy), we will make sure that the vehicle is comissioning and forward the change of vehicle ownership to you. As long as the vehicle is in our name, there is (group motor liability) insurance for the vehicle that covers the damages caused to the other party in case of an accident. However, we recommend the buyer to get their own (extensive) insurance before picking up the vehicle.
  6. It usually takes 3-5 business days after the payment of the vehicle to the change of vehicle ownership. If you haven't received a message from us within five business days (remember to check all your e-mail folders) or the change of vehicle ownership is not handed over to you in Traficom's Oma palvelu, please contact our customer service.

    As an exception: If you have purchased a vehicle from's Kuluttajahuutokaupat, the handover notification will only be sent to you after you have confirmed to us that you have picked up the vehicle.

  7. You will receive an e-mail when the change of vehicle ownership has been made to you. You must accept the assignment notice within seven (7) days of making it. Easiest way to do it is to go “oma palvelu”. asiointi service. Please note that the vehicle must have valid insurance before registration.

  8. If the vehicle has open vehicle tax, please do not worry. Many advertisers doesn’t pay taxes until the due date. If you note that the vehicle has open vehicle tax which due date has expired, please contact our customer service and we will contact the advertiser who is responsible for the taxes.

Please see the video, How to Change of vehicle ownership

In Traficom e-Service Change of ownership

Please take note that cannot make the change of ownership abroad. 

If you want to export the vehicle, you need to make the notification of the ownership in Finland first. After you are the owner of the vehicle in Finland, you can complete an export registration.

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