How to get VAT refund on company purchase?

This article helps in a situation where the auctioneer has won an item at an auction that he is taking abroad and would like a invoice for it without VAT.

In all sales of you pay VAT normally. Companies operating within the European Union are qualified to apply for a VAT refund after an auctioned item has been exported from Finland.


Criteria for VAT refund

  • The item is purchased as a company and paid from the company's account (if the item is paid by an individual, we cannot issue a VAT refund)
  • The item is taken abroad
  • All the requested documents for the VAT refund have been properly submitted to's customer service

Application of VAT refund

The item is purchased as a company and paid from the company's account. In addition you need to provide us all the following: 

  • Export declaration (download attachment)
  • Bill of lading (e.g. ship tickets, cargo dispatch note) or equivalent official document of export 
  • Buyer Company banking details (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code)
  • VAT number of the company
  • Billing address of the company 

You can send the application, along with its attachments, to's customer service, We will check the information and ask for more if necessary. You will receive a receipt from us when the return has been completed.

How long it takes to handle the refund

All the necessary information have to be provided to before VAT can be returned. So please collect them all together in one e-mail as soon as possible after the item is taken abroad.

When we have all the necessary information, handling takes several weeks. Roughly, VAT refund will take about 3-8 weeks time. You will receive an acknowledgment of the matter by e-mail.

Can the auction item be paid for without VAT?

The auction can never be paid to without VAT.

If the company advertising the item is ready to make a deal with you directly and take responsibility for making the deal, this can be done exceptionally for items exported from the country.

In this case, the transaction is completed between the advertiser and the buyer, between Users, "Käyttäjien välinen kauppa". is then not a party to the transaction. The company that announced the auction will write you an invoice and is responsible for the other documents of the sale as well as any after-sales complaints.

Contact customer service and we will help clarify the matter in the direction of the notifier.

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