I won the auction. How can I get an invoice for my company?

Congratulations on your winning bid! 

Please note that this article applies to Huutokaupat.com-sale. In a case of Käyttäjien välinen kauppa you will get instructions for payment directly from the official seller. Payment methods can be found in the section of the announcement: Maksutapa.

Invoice for a company

After highest bid is accepted, you will receive payment instructions for the item in your e-mail. 

There is a payment link in the e-mail and on your Own page when logged in. Via the link you can save the company's information and print an invoice.

Follow next steps:

  1. Logg in with your username 
  2. Click the payment link 
  3. Choose "Ostan kohteen elinkeinotoimintaan, yritykselle tai muulle oikeushenkilölle" in payment page "1. Toimitustiedot"
  4. Enter the company information (company name and VAT-number, also foreign details are accepted)
  5. Go ahead and click "Jatka"
  6. Choose "Lasku" on page 2. Maksutapa
  7. After this, an invoice with payment information will open, which you can print if you wish.

Important information when paying by invoice

The payment will be registered in 1-4 business days. When the payment is registered, you will receive a receipt (Kuitti kohteesta) by e-mail.

The auction item will not be handed over or shipped before the payment has been verified by Huutokaupat.com. You will receive an email when the payment has been verified.

You will receive automatic payment reminders in your email until Huutokaupt.com has received the payment. 

We suggest paying by online bank buttons, if possible. So the transaction can be processed immediately after the payment, and you don't have to wait for the confirmation.

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