Bidder's rules and responsibilities

In this article you can find responsibilities of bidding customer. 

  • Customer agrees to use the service, at his/her own responsibility and expense, in accordance with good manners.
  • The offers are binding, and by making a bid you commit to purchase the item. Please note that if you cancel deals repeatedly, this may lead to closing your account.
  • The bidder must carefully check all the details of the item and the information given about it before making a bid.
  • The bidder's obligation is to pay the item within one (1) business day after winning the auction.
  • Making offers without intention to buy is prohibited. 
  • If you wish to use the right of cancellation according to the Consumer protection law, you must inform customer service without delay. Failure of payment is not a proper notice of cancellation.
  • It is customer's responsibility to keep his/her contact information (email address, phone number and home address) up to date. You can update your contact information from Oma sivu/My page.
  • Customer takes good care of username and password. Accounts are personal, and the person who has identified is responsible for all use of account. 
  • Participating auction on behalf of a user blocked from the service is strictly prohibited!


  • Check the advertisement carefully before making a bid 
  • Pay items on time (within one business day)
  • Pick up item immediately after payment
  • Behave respectfully and appropriately

Here you can read all the Terms and Conditions in English. 

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